How Can Specific Chiropractic Help Me?

Well, that is the natural question.  Sadly, medical and other ordinary doctors have absolutely no education in what Chiropractic even is.  They have no idea when one of their patients would benefit from Chiropractic care. Only a qualified specific Chiropractor knows if your case is truly a Chiropractic case.

So, how do you know if you have a Chiropractic case?  We have all seen the booths set up in malls or grocery stores by medical clinics as well as many Chiropractic clinics. “Can they really tell if Chiropractic is what I need in a mall booth?”  Quite honestly the answer is no.

The Chiropractic analysis requires an in-depth study of YOU.  Properly done, a specific Chiropractic analysis includes testing for neurological, structural, mechanical and functional components of your health problem.  This cannot be determined solely by looking at your posture in a mall booth or any medical tests done by medical doctors.  Here at Family Chiropractic, we need to KNOW if you are in the right place BEFORE we begin our specific and individualized care.  Why would we want to accept your case if we truly did not know if we could help?  If we find that you would be better served by other types of health care professionals, we will gladly refer you to someone that can help.

For that reason, we only use a complete spinal analysis to determine what YOU can expect from our Chiropractic care up front.  Our practice is almost entirely built by referrals from our many pleased patients.  We want our community to experience a higher quality of life through our individualized care.  That can only come through an understanding of what Chiropractic can do for your specific case.

Let’s get to the underlying CAUSE!

Dr. Sinnott’s analysis of your case will be complete on the first visit and you will be able to decide for yourself what choice YOU want to make in your health that very day.  Our office uses a no-pressure approach to your decision.  After all, it is YOUR health.  The decision can ONLY be made by YOU.  You will receive no annoying sales pitches or calls to your home.  Your decision is your decision and that is the final word.

Settle the curiosity over your health issues and give us a call at 815-469-4777 for your complete Chiropractic case analysis today.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain . . .

We look forward to serving you!  Curious if we have helped people with similar issues?  Click the “Who Can Benefit?” link to get some understanding of who we commonly serve.  It may surprise you!

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Hilton Garden Inn Chicago/Tinley Park

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Comfort Inn

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