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Recently a new patient asked me a question I had never been asked before. He had had several previous experiences with Chiropractic and was more discerning in making a new choice this time. He said, “Before we even start, I need to ask you if you are a “soil guy” or a “seed guy”?

Honestly I was pleasantly surprised by his question. I told him, “I am not only a “soil guy”, I have written textbooks on this subject.” We then had a frank discussion of why this is a vital point that is the very core of our Chiropractic office.

You see, the mentality of a Chiropractor colors every decision they make in your care. How we think matters! The success or failure of your health depends upon this.

“The Germ Theory” is Born

In the mid-1800’s a student of the famous French medical educator Claude Bernard graduated and went on to become famous in his own right. In 1862 this former student, Louis Pasteur, declared that germs cause disease. This “germ theory” is something we all learned about in high school. Pasteur has become far better remembered than his former teacher, Dr. Bernard.

Pasteur declared that the seeds of disease (germs) land upon the soil (the person) and create illness. Dr. Bernard responded that the seeds (germs) blow constantly around us, but do not set into the soil unless the soil is ready to receive them. He saw that the level of SUSCEPTIBILITY was the greater issue.

Pasteur Abandons His “Germ Theory”

On his deathbed, Pasteur stated that, Bernard was right, seed is nothing, the soil is everything. While unfortunate it took the remainder of his life to see the logic of his famed teacher, Dr. Pasteur had evolved his thinking. Today we know that indeed cutting-edge medical research has confirmed that the level of health of the person is far more important than the virulence of the “seed” (bacteria, virus, or what have you).

Science Weighs Into the Debate

Leading medical researchers around the world are publishing a constant stream of articles to show the superiority of restoring a healthy response to the germs that are all around us, instead of battling the germs. It is scientifically the loss of health that is the problem, not the presence of germs. When you are healthy you are able to defend yourself against the germs that swirl around you each and every day.

In my second book, Sinnott’s—Textbook of Human Adaptability, I explained the results of over 1,000 research studies showing the superiority of focusing upon restoring health, over fighting disease. As a matter of fact, leading medical schools have banded together in an effort to change their educational model towards restoring health instead of their current model of fighting disease. Unfortunately, they are finding the process of change toward this more scientific model is being fought by their own medical establishment. Sadly, the need for this change is in opposition to a financial headwind that profits from the model of disease-fighting.

Germs Seek Weakness

Dr. Rudolf Virchow, one of the great scientific minds of medicine and considered the father of cellular pathology, summed up the importance of your level of health being the deciding factor this way:

“If I could live my life over again, I would devote it to proving that germs seek their natural habitat—diseased tissues—rather than causing disease.”

My “Mentality” of Health

Having a patient ask me this question was actually very refreshing. It is obvious that people in the Lincolnway area are realizing that there must be a new way of thinking about their own health and how best to elevate it to the highest level possible. My mentality is absolutely one of seeking the fastest and most effective route to restore optimal function in every patient.

In my textbook I mentioned I went through 150 different forms of healthcare, from medicine to physical therapy, to diet, to exercise, to massage, to yoga, and many others you have likely never heard of before. what published research studies clearly show is that NONE of them have shown the incredible increases in the level of measurable health that Chiropractic has all by itself.

My drive is to be the absolute best 100% pure Chiropractor I can be for those I care for in our community. Want to have a chat about what possibilities exist to accelerate your level of health to better prepare you for the stresses of life today? Give us a call and we will be happy to meet with you. We are located right here in my hometown of Frankfort.

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