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WELCOME . . . to our page! Our hope is to provide information on our services which may be helpful to you in making health care decisions for yourself and your family.

There are many misconceptions in the public concerning chiropractic. Many are confused due to unusual practices of some chiropractors. 

Our single purpose at Family Chiropractic Clinic is to remove the interference to the proper function of your nervous system.  This interference comes from vertebral subluxation. The vertebra of the spine often become misaligned, which causes the openings between them to be altered in shape and size. This misalignment produces a lack of protection to the nerves which travel through these small openings. Without proper protection, the nerves can not transmit mental impulses (messages between your brain and body) properly. These nerves directly and indirectly control every function in your body.   It is obvious to see the serious nature of the misalignments which we call vertebral subluxations. For further discussion of chiropractic and the causes and damaging effects of subluxation, more detailed information can be found by clicking the “What is Specific Chiropractic?” link above.

What makes Dr. Sinnott so different?

Properly performed chiropractic can safely remove the damaging effects of vertebral subluxation without the use of drugs or surgery.

If other methods have fallen short in your quest for health, you are not alone.

You are unique, you have unique needs. Why should the ‘cookbook’ approach to health care work for you? You deserve something as unique as you are!

Dr. Sinnott’s chiropractic care is custom tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual with precision, accuracy and care.

This is not a cure-all, in fact we do not claim to treat any condition. That is not the purpose of chiropractic.  Chiropractic is NOT physical therapy, massage therapy, electrical contraptions, enema therapy or any other such treatment! Don’t laugh, it’s all out there. Medical doctors have no chiropractic training and frequently form opinions of chiropractic based upon reports from their patients. Quite often they relate stories including acupuncture, proctology and other medical procedures. Unfortunately, the Illinois statute allows chiropractors to do almost anything medical to their patients from blood, urine, prostate and gynecological exams, to the invasion of other fields.  In Illinois it is not required that these chiropractors have any training in these areas. You may know as much as they do in these fields. Scary? You bet. We feel there are qualified practitioners of medicine and physical therapy and they are the proper source for that type of care. 

To read more about Dr. Sinnott’s extensive background and expertise, click the “Why choose Dr. Sinnott?” link.