“Give Me 100% Chiropractic!”

Why would YOU want a 65% doctor?

In a world where it has become a nearly impossible challenge to find anything in its “pure” form, why should Chiropractic be any different? Think about it for a minute. In my youth, there were no small bottles of water everyone carried with them. We had no problem finding fairly pure water.

Carry that through to the air you breathe, the food you eat and it becomes apparent that “purity” is a truly rare commodity in today’s world. Heck, most blogs you read are written by artificial intelligence websites (AI) and geared towards “selling you” what AI thinks will trick you into buying something you may not need. (I PROMISE YOU that I am sitting here at this keyboard typing this myself. The opportunity to introduce our community to Chiropractic is a process I have truly enjoyed for decades.)

Today, we have to have an “organic section” in the supermarket in order to differentiate from all the diluted forms of food in the store—and many of us are willing to pay MORE for “pure” food. Does it make a difference? Well, consider the genetically engineered foods that are in nearly everything today. As a matter of fact, in one recent experiment salmon genes were spliced into corn in an attempt to create corn stalks that actually might make their own form of pesticide. Crazy? Sure is. So, you and I both try to get the best form of undiluted food we can. We have to try to keep ourselves fairly pure. And, let’s not talk about what that strange odor is when we drive through some areas. Our air is still not pure. Granted, as I kid here in Frankfort when the steel mills on Lake Michigan were running strong, there was a yellow stripe in the sky to our northeast from that pollution. So, all is NOT lost. Strides have been made to clean our environment.

Pure Health Care?

What has this to do with Chiropractic? Fair question. Having been practicing in Frankfort longer than any other Chiropractor, times have changed—and not necessarily for the better. When a patient would move to another part of the country it was not a difficult task to find a thoroughbred Chiropractor to send them to so they may get a great Chiropractic service.

It is not just Chiropractic. Dentists (surely fine people) have shown how this new fad of diluting their service with a myriad of “extra services” works all across health care today. “We can sell you many different whitening services, if that fails, how about veneers?” Certainly, I am not attacking dentistry for their eagerness to sell more lucrative add-ons. It is very likely that they still do an exceptional job in the “pure” service of dentistry. Their community, anywhere in this country, knows what dentists do and why it is important to maintain good dental hygiene with regular care and cleanings. They would not tolerate a dentist not being excellent at the core important service dentists offer.

Chiropractic Confusion

For decades in our office I have practiced the same way. I had the rare fortune of having the finest Chiropractors around the world as mentors. They practiced 100% PURE Chiropractic. Why? Well, unlike dentists, most people don’t have that same level of understanding of Chiropractic. They drilled into me the vital importance of keeping my practice focused and undiluted.

Today, things seem different in my profession. Those mentors? Well, sadly they are no longer with us. More importantly, the public seems confused as to what a Chiropractor does. It is not THEIR fault. Do a simple search anywhere in our country and you can’t define what a Chiropractor does by what they advertise. Is Chiropractic taping knees like an athletic trainer? What about hot packs, ultrasound, and other garden variety physical therapy? How about exercise programs? Is it nutritional supplements, shoe inserts, and pillows to sell the public? Of course not. These things are common today in too many offices.

“I want a Superstar!”

When I am selecting a dentist, I want a superstar. I want a dentist who has mastered his or her art to the point where my teeth are kept as healthy as possible. We would want a 100% Dentist. Who would select a 65% dentist? You would not want a dentist that diluted his practice the point it barely resembled what you expect and deserve from a dentist. Why should your expectations for YOUR Chiropractor be any less demanding?

I decided to be a Chiropractor when I was student at Lincolnway. My anatomy teacher had a student Chiropractor come talk to our class. He explained Chiropractic to us and it made such perfect sense to me that before I walked out of class that day, I knew I would become a Chiropractor. Not only that but I wanted to practice an undiluted form of care as he explained to us. 100% pure Chiropractic!

Promises made—Promises Delivered!

Proudly, I can say that I have kept that promise all these years. I have no need of extraneous “stuff” in care of my patients. When you add anything to purity, it is no longer pure. That is a simple fact. Thousands of patients from our community have sought us out over the years. None of them needed anything from me but 100% pure Chiropractic to optimize their health. And, ready for this? … Pure care is less expensive as well.

My wife Gail and I have worked tirelessly to offer a superstar service. Give us a call and find out for yourself why we don’t need to dilute our practice. We look forward to meeting you!

In case you are interested in what it takes to reach this level of practice expertise, you will find it at this link: WHY CHOOSE DR. SINNOTT?


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