Bothered by flies?

Why do we have flies?  I mean, what purpose do they serve in the great scheme of things?  They are such a nuisance, right? I have noticed that they seem to have a great presence around garbage cans, their personal feeding and breeding grounds.  So, what can we do?  You may choose to take them on with your trusty fly-swatter…smack…smack…smack!!  […]

“Give Me 100% Chiropractic!”

In a world where it has become a nearly impossible challenge to find anything in its “pure” form, why should Chiropractic be any different? Think about it for a minute. In my youth, there were no small bottles of water everyone carried with them. We had no problem finding fairly pure water. Carry that through to the air you breathe, […]

We Understand YOUR Uniqueness!

Recently a new patient asked me a question I had never been asked before. He had had several previous experiences with Chiropractic and was more discerning in making a new choice this time. He said, “Before we even start, I need to ask you if you are a “soil guy” or a “seed guy”? Honestly I was pleasantly surprised by […]