Bothered by flies?

Why do we have flies?  I mean, what purpose do they serve in the great scheme of things?  They are such a nuisance, right? I have noticed that they seem to have a great presence around garbage cans, their personal feeding and breeding grounds.  So, what can we do?  You may choose to take them on with your trusty fly-swatter…smack…smack…smack!!  […]

“Give Me 100% Chiropractic!”

In a world where it has become a nearly impossible challenge to find anything in its “pure” form, why should Chiropractic be any different? Think about it for a minute. In my youth, there were no small bottles of water everyone carried with them. We had no problem finding fairly pure water. Carry that through to the air you breathe, […]

We Understand YOUR Uniqueness!

Recently a new patient asked me a question I had never been asked before. He had had several previous experiences with Chiropractic and was more discerning in making a new choice this time. He said, “Before we even start, I need to ask you if you are a “soil guy” or a “seed guy”? Honestly I was pleasantly surprised by […]

Who the heck was Ignaz Semmelweis?

“A gentlemen’s hands are clean!” Semmelweis, was considered a prestigious medical doctor in the mid 1800s. He taught in the First Obstetrical Clinic of the Vienna General Hospital in Austria. The obstetrics department was divided into patients using traditional midwives and those using Semmelweis’ medical students. Interestingly, the death rate among mothers using his medical students to deliver their infants […]