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                                        tyron c-3000 paraspinal infrared scanner

The Titronics C-3000 Paraspinal Infrared Thermal Scanner

The C-3000 infrared thermal scanner is a non-invasive, heat sensing instrument utilized by Dr. Sinnott to analyze the presence of nerve interference. The instrumentation provides a computerized graph reading, which demonstrates when a Vertebral Subluxation is present and when the Subluxation has been removed.  Our office is also the first facility in the state of Illinois to use this sophisticated technology.

How Skin Temperature Works

As nerves exit the spine they go through the small openings between the vertebrae.  These nerves then supply all the tissues and cells of the body with a flow of impulses from the brain.  These mental impulses control and coordinate every function of your body.  One of these controlled functions is blood flow through the skin.

When the nerves are functioning properly the amount of blood flow through the skin will be very similar from one side of the spine to the other.  The temperature given off by this blood flow through the surface of the skin will also be very close from one side of the spine to the other.  When there is an interference to the proper controlling impulses due to a vertebral subluxation the blood vessels will not function properly.  This will cause an out of balance constriction and dilation of these vessels.  When the amount of blood flow is not being regulated the skin temperature will vary to a greater degree.  By measuring this temperature, comparing the two sides of the spine, we can identify areas of neurological interference.

The most exacting way science has to measure this interference is the infrared paraspinal thermal scanner Dr. Sinnott uses on every office visit.  There have been many recent studies that confirm this fact.  The accuracy has been medically tested and found to be 94% accurate!  That level of accuracy is unheard of in neurologic testing.  The majority of these studies were performed and published by medical researchers and physiologists.  Dr. Sinnott's thermal unit is the first of its kind in Illinois—chiropractic or medical.

Spinographic Perfection

We use a one-of-a-kind spinography unit designed to Dr. Sinnott's exacting specifications to take the most specific films of your spine.  Our full spine unit allows films of be taken in a single exposure, instead of piecing small films together.  This provides Dr. Sinnot a view of your spine in much the same way an architect views a skyscraper.

The extremely rare Continental Model-R positioning unit provides for exacting views, including very special upper cervical films in a stereo or 3-D manner.  We know of not a single other facility in the world with this equipment to help locate the source of your unique problem.  We do this because that is what Dr. Sinnott would want for his own family.  Your unique, specific problem requires exacting methods to determine your unique requirements.

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