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Dr. Sinnott has seen amazing changes take place with his patients under his care.  Most people don't know how broad the range of health concerns are that have been reversed through Chiropractic care truly.


For that reason we have put some short clips and news reporting of some cases that would likely surprise you!  Watch a few of these and you will begin to see that Chiropractic is far beyond the aches and pain care that most people have heard about from others.


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This video from CBS News explains how patients under Chiropractic care have lower blood pressure.  In fact, the study found that these patients had better results than medical patients taking TWO blood pressure medications AT THE SAME TIME!

The number of children medically-diagnosed with ADD or ADHD is astounding.  Were you aware that many children have normal function resulting from Chiropractic care?  This short news health segment offers a drug-free way to health that will surprise you.

Rates of infertility in women is alarmingly high.  Not only have recent studies shown that there is a far simpler way to view this problem, but as this news clip explains, it may be as simple as clearing the interference from the spine using specific Chiropractic care...

Chiropractic began when the first patient who was deaf regained his ability to hear.  In a similar case, this man was blind and regained his sight under specific Chiropractic care.

Your body is capable of keeping you functioning at your optimum long as there is no interference to the communication between your brain and your body.

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